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Finding The Best Outdoor Fence Material Options For You

The entire concept of erecting a fence is to offer privacy and make the boundaries surrounding your place more secure. This is why it’s so crucial to know when to replace or give the entire outdoor fencing a facelift. Among the indications that you need to do something about your outdoor fencing are signs of structural weaknesses. Another indication is trellis damage or warped rail which could result in the boards not giving sufficient support and sturdiness. There are some advantages to modernizing your outdoor fencing before it reaches this point. There are various contemporary fencing materials on the market, and this read aims at reviewing the best outdoor fence materials, along with their pros and cons. The options vary to fit your outdoor living’s desired style.

Best Overall Fence Material

Selecting the right fence material for your place will boil down to desired use and functionality. Out of the various types of outdoor fencing materials, Composite Fences have a lot of advantages and a few downsides. Composite Fencing not only provides privacy but is also simple to erect and is cost-effective, as well. The material can be cut to length easily and also offers a sturdy, secure boundary that is environmentally friendly.

Outdoor Fence Material Options

1. Wood Fences

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Wood fences are a timeless and classic feature of any property. Wood fencing comes in various shapes and styles depending on the wood type. Wood is the most common kind of fencing found in properties mainly due to its cost-effectiveness and high privacy level. Make sure to check the merits and demerits of this fencing before buying, including durability and quality of the wood. The best wood fence is made from hardwood like redwood or oak and will be at its best when green treated, either pressure-treated or dipped, to provide lifelong advantages. The main benefits of wood fencing are the distinctions in design and style, from horizontal and vertical slats with gates to contemporary, attractive paneling and lattice designs at the top. All of these can assist accentuate the appeal of your outdoor space. Also, keep in mind the disadvantages of wood fences like wood’s tendency to contract and expand, causing it to crack and split, which diminishes its shelf life to around 10-15 years.


-Simple to install





-Need maintenance

-Limited shelf life

2. Composite Fences
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Composite fences are an excellent alternative for a low-maintenance outdoor fence. Posts and panels can come in a range of colors to match your outdoor design, accentuate your standing decking space, or even outdoor furniture. Trex Composite Fences are completely recycled, made out of 60% hardwood fibers and 40% recycled plastics, with bonding agents and tints. There are a lot of merits and few demerits to Composite Fencing which makes it an ideal option for property owners looking to enhance the look of their outdoor space. The fence panels provide great privacy levels thanks to their solid exterior with no gaps. Given how this fence is made out of composite substances, the main advantages include durability, insect and rot resistance.


-Strong and durable

-Color variations (eight colors)


-Improves privacy


-Single design

3. Vinyl Fences

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As with composite fencing, vinyl fences require little to no maintenance and are durable. A vinyl fence can be made to suit a range of functions, from balconies to picket fencing. It is truly a versatile and contemporary fence alternative. The fence material is adaptable and can be tailor-made to fit your place with posts and gates. Vinyl fences provide little privacy and security, given how this fence is frequently used for its allure. One major advantage of putting up a vinyl fence is that it requires little to no maintenance.


-Broad range of design options

-Color retention

-Solid fencing design offers privacy



-Minimal security

-Hard to repair

4. Aluminum Fences

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Aluminum fences are well-liked in both residential and commercial settings providing a range of designs and styles to fit the property. It is versatile and durable and be customized to meet the height and color you are going for. Often appear with vertical uprights traversing the fencing length, the metal build of these kinds of fences can be tailored to offer an extra security element.

The metal railing can encompass spiked caps for additional security or include a design that bolsters the aesthetic allure of the perimeter. There are various merits and demerits to take into account before buying this fencing, some of which include low-maintenance and low-cost advantages, along with ease of installation as a result of its lightweight nature and resilience to weathering.



-Corrosion resistant




-Low security

-No privacy

5. Steel Fences

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This kind of fence usually comprises strong, vertical bars which offer increased protection from a broad range of external variables. Steel is one element that guarantees security from any likely perpetrators. Often fitted surrounding the edge of manufacturing plants and factories, assisting to highlight the industrial allure. Given how their heavy-duty nature, steel fences are tough compared to other types of fences and provide an additional layer of security to any property it is put up. The main benefit of this type of fencing includes total and secure gates that can be fitted in the design from one post to another, though not suited for decorative purposes and seldom seen in yards.




-Increased protection and security



-Hard to handle

-Dull appearance


So before choosing any outdoor fence, make sure that it suits your particular style, functionality, and budget. Tampa Deck & Fence contractors have a wide selection of outdoor fencing materials to choose from that are sure to suit your specific needs. From the moment you get in touch, we will deal with everything from the creation and installation of the outdoor fences. You can depend on our outdoor fence collection to be resilient to the elements, remain strong for long, and guarantee your privacy. Review our gallery catalog and reach out to us at (813) 605-1904 for any inquiries, or visit https://westpalmbeachdeckandfence.com to fill out our online form.

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